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Are you looking for a quick way to earn cash with little effort and no upfront costs? If you answered yes, then MyBrowserCash might be for you. Here is how it works. Specific software is downloaded onto your browser. It allows them to display different ads on the web pages you often visit on the Internet. In turn, you earn a percentage of what MyBrowserCash got paid from the advertiser. That percentage is a maximum of forty-five percent. Unfortunately, the company is not providing actual dollar amounts on what the average person can earn by participating in this program.
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There are several companies that operate the same way including Hits4Pay, and Clixsense. Truthfully, you will not make a ton of money by doing this. Many people have even complained about these types of programs because they do not make as much as they thought. Quite honestly, no one can expect to make good money when you really are not doing anything to earn it. In this case, you are at least earning something for doing virtually nothing other than surfing the web. So something is better than the nothing you had before you decided to participate in the MyBrowserCash program!  Before you make a decision on whether this is a WAHM opportunity to try or trash, let’s take a closer look.

Making More Money with MyBrowserCash

At the very least, you should consider registering with MyBrowserCash to earn some money on the ads from your surfing habits. But there are three other ways you can make more money with these types of programs:

1.    You can try out offers for money. Some pay as high as twenty-five dollars. Keep in mind, however, that there are sometimes problems with these paid offers and you may end up losing money on the deal.

2.    You can use what you earn to purchase ads to put in their system. If you are a member of another referral-based money making program or if you are an affiliate marketer, you could easily spread the word and make even more money from the programs you belong to.

3.    You can also amp up earnings on the referral system which means you get paid every time one of your referrals signs up for the free opportunity. You will then earn a percentage from all of your referral’s earnings. You are not going to make much, but if you are convincing enough to have your referrals sign up for free things (or if you are a well-trained affiliate marketer), you will definitely see a sharp increase in your earnings with the potential to earn a full-time income.

complicate things, but if you are a Gold Level member there is a Share the Wealth System.  People who go the main website and sign up without a referral link are assigned randomly to a Gold Level member’s account. Here, you do not have to seek out referrals—they come to you because you have Gold Level status.
Will You Have to Pay to Join MyBrowserCash?

Just by mentioning the Gold Level status, you may think that you will have to pay in order to gain that kind of upper hand in this program. Well, there are a few options you have. First, you can be a member for free and load the ad software to your browser at no cost. But for $12.95 (and a lot of pressuring from them), your status can be upgraded making you a Gold Level member. You are also eligible for various offers including free referrals. As of this writing, there was talk to include a Silver Level for a lower cost. Upgrades in status are fine as long as they help you make more money. Some offer nothing, but this program seems to work with the upgrade.

How Will MyBrowserCash Pay You?

Right now, the payment threshold stands at twenty dollars. But that may change as there are discussions going on about lowering it to five dollars. Payments are made through either PayPal or Alert Pay. This is the norm for these types of businesses.

Improvements to the Program

In the past month, there have been some changes to the MyBrowserCash program. This is a good indicator that the company is looking to be here for the long term and is anticipating growth—good news for its members. Some of the changes include:

•    possibly lowering the payout to five dollars as opposed to twenty,
•    adding live chat capabilities,
•    adding a way to contact your downline which can motivate them and potentially earn you more money,
•    improving the credit tracking for earnings and referrals; and
•    Closing Gold Level applications for now so they can catch up with all the referral distributions.

Now that you know the good, you need to know the bad.

What You May Not Like About

First, it is always a good idea to know who you are doing business with. With that said, there is no information regarding the owner of the site. The “who is” domain information is locked and there is an error every time you try to get to the disclaimer page. This is a bit unsettling.

Second, no matter how many referrals sign up or ads you view, you will never really be able to earn a full-time income. They do let you know that right off the bat which is a point in their favor for being honest. But some people under the impression that they can make a living by doing this.

Third, the company is still fairly new which leads to the question of longevity. So far, so good, but, like anything, that can all change without warning. In the beginning, companies will try to lure you in with no or low fee services and options promising you the moon and the stars. Real success is measured after this “honeymoon” period. If you have the patience to wait it out, you could be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. What you do not want to happen is a company promising you a one-time, quick buck opportunity that goes as quickly as it came. Because the Internet has billions of people on it, there are countless opportunities to make money. No one should feel that there are one too many ideas out there—billions of people cannot all be doing the same thing.

Fourth, there is always tremendous concern when you downloading things onto your computer. This is even more the case when you are unable to locate the owner of the site. With all the viruses and high-tech hacking that persists on the Internet, it may not be worth the risk to download this software—especially when fixing it could cost you a lot more than you would ever make with the program to begin with.

Lastly, the twenty dollar minimum requirement to receive payment seems a bit high. This could take a while to achieve and you may lose patience trying to get to that point and give up on the program altogether. If it does in fact get lowered to five dollars, it may be worth your while and keep people from dropping out of the program.

The Bottom Line on

So far there is nothing to indicate that they are not legitimate, but because they are still so new, the jury is still out on this one. So far there has been a lot of positive feedback which is a good start and somewhat reassuring. Their membership seems to be growing rather quickly and, as a result, had to upgrade their system more than once to handle the high volume. They even added new back room support features. This is also good news.

The bottom line is that the company seems to be intent on being around for a long time, but there is still a need to see if any payments will be made beyond this honeymoon phase. Since it doesn’t cost anything to join, you certainly will not lose anything on the deal. But remember, if you are not comfortable with downloading software from someone that you do not know or cannot get any solid information about, perhaps this is one opportunity you should skip.

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