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Have you heard of Do you want to hire a Freelancer ? Do you want to earn as a Freelancer ? Well, is one of the biggest internet portal for you where you can earn on-line being Freelancer. Also you can give your projects to some Freelancers and get completed on time. So well here is an complete case study of where you will know about

A Complete Review of

Making money online is one of the highest searched online keywords throughout the year. Most of the newcomers to the internet communities find it difficult to get their act together in finding the best online sites to work for. They tries out one site and then another site until they gets frustrated and leaves the arena of online money making only to be replaced by a new set of newbie's doing the same thing.

The best way to make money online is to find the right professionals who need your skills. Hence the need arises for a perfect platform for the freelancers and the employers to meet and interact. Here comes the importance of

What is is the perfect site to find online jobs. They give you a platform to showcase your specific skills to the world and allow you to bid on the various projects and get approved to do the job and make money online as a Freelancer. Also if you are a person looking to hire a programmer or a content writer for a specific job, you can hire the best from the bidders from

At present is the best site to get the online jobs as the site has a user base of around 3,461,801 people across a wide network of around 234 countries. Where ever you are whatever you do, you will have a job at

You can now imagine what it will be. You have a base to interact with lakhs of people who is looking for your work. Also if you are an employer you have an option to choose the best professional for your work and get the job done professionally. was earlier called as GAF or and the site has grown rapidly ahead of all other sites which speaks volumes for the reputation this site has when comparing to other freelancing sites.

Remember that do not pay you. only acts as the mediator to get you a job ad also get you the payments from the employers. Hence the service does is impeccable and you are sure to love the site once you get going out there.

But as many online newcomers do not have the patience to make money online,they goes on and off the site and before you read further here please make sure that you have the will power to succeed online. Nothing extraordinary you only need to be dedicated to the idea of making money online.

If you feel you have that, then welcome to the field of online money making and will guide you on your path to success.


The importance in comes up in 2 different ways. For an employer, who is looking to get a job done would need to have contacts with the specific programmers and also will have to go with their specific rates which will be abnormally high. At the employer gets to specify his total budget making sure that the work would be completed on his terms with the amount of money he is ready to award. Also he gets a creative user pool of high class professionals from all over the world that is ready to do the job for him.

For a freelancer, the toughest part is getting the job. You will have to build a reputation for yourself in online communities and forums and also spend enough bucks to advertise you profile to ensure that your name gets noticed in the minds of the employers. For a newbie starting out, this would become hell of a job. Further he would need to have to specifically find jobs one by one and anybody who has done that will tell you how difficult it is. provides a free access to the bet of the jobs you are looking for. You will get to know specifically what the employers are looking for the standards you need to keep up while doing online jobs.

Further there is more assurance that you will get your job done or that you will get paid for the job if you re working with than with other online sites.

How to earn from provides you with multiple ways to make money online. Not just for freelancers anyone can use the services of and make sure that you benefit from it.

Here are the best ways you can utilize the facilities at for your monetary benefits.

Do the online jobs

The best and the most widely accepted way are to do the freelance jobs. You can bid for the various jobs posted by various employers and if the employers accept your bid, you have a new source of income. You can complete the job and gets paid and start on your journey of success with online money making.

If you complete the job up to up to the specifications of the employer, you will get a positive review on your profile from the employer. What happens now is that anyone browsing about you will get to know that you are a professional to rely on and soon you can get more jobs and build your reputation.

With the increase in reputation you would be able to bid higher for the same job and earn more. For example. If you were writing a piece of article of 500 words for say 3$ before, Now with more experience under your belt and good positive reviews, you can even charge now 5-7$ for the same 500 word article and get paid.

You will see that the employers would be ready to give you higher payment provided you have proven to them that you are a class professional providing quality work.

You do not have this facility of getting positive reviews for your work anywhere else. Even if you had done some jobs and did a good job with it, it will soon be forgotten or your other employers wil not get to know about it. Here at if you did a good job it stays on your profile forever.

Further more than money you get noticed as an expert I your field and a man to contact. Stories of your excellent work travels far and wherever you go you are not going to get any dearth of admirers.

Get your work done cheaper

Most of the employers love because of the high competition of the freelancers. For any job posted you can see multiple bidders bidding to get the same job. This provides the employers flexibility to get the job done by the best professional among the bidders. You can just hire a freelancer to finish your task.

Employers can browse about the bidders, their success rate and the number of works completed to get an idea of the man they will be giving the job to. Also they have a specific option of hiring a specific freelancer who you know is the best in the field. So hire a freelancer from and get your job done perfectly.

Comparing to the local cost for the programmers and content writers you will see a real low cost work here at Without compromising the quality of the job, you can hire the best professionals from any part of the world at your service. Where else can you imagine such service?

Employers also has the facility to rate the work done by the freelancers. If the freelancers have rally done a great job, you can give them positive reviews while if you feel unsatisfied you have the facility to rate them lower. This lower rating can affect the future of the freelancer and hence you are guaranteed of quality work from the freelancers.

Make money with the affiliate program affiliate program is for anyone around the world. If you have a website or blog you can place the banners of making sure that you place your affiliate link with them. So any one joining the through your link will come under your referral ad you will make money for anything he does for a period of 90 days.

Also you need not have a blog or website to earn money this way. You can do ii with various social networking sites too.

The first thing you need to do here is to sign up for the and get your specific affiliate link. Now you can start inviting your friends at Facebook, orkut, twitter or Google plus to join the network and if they join they come under your referral.

This way you can ensure that you can earn a handsome amount of money just by referring your friends which is going to easy for anyone. The idea is simple. If you have friends at facebook, then you can earn money from those contacts.

How to bid at

Now that you have your account at, the first thing you need to do is fill out your profile properly. Include your photo and start writing small info about what you do and what you are good at. Also include references to the works you had already done

A fully filled out profile will get your more employers as the employer will have a reason to believe that you are good at the work you do. If you are a content t writer please include samples of your work so that the employers will get to know the quality of your writing before entrusting jobs with you.

Bidding is free at and anyone with an active profile can bid for the job. What can set you apart is how you bid. Never bid without having a well equipped profile to back your bid. Provide flexibility to the employers to select you by offer in for sample work and other freebies. This small gesture from your part will impress the employers and you will soon build reputation for yourself in the community.

Never try to bid at high costs while you are starting out. Always ensure that you bid lower than your competitors bids. Remember that at first your aim is not to make money but to build a reputation as the reputation will soon bring you higher money than what you are bidding now.

Getting the first job at will be a part of breaking the ice and the moment you get it you are on to the arena of online money making. Now it is time for you get the employer happy as the positive reviews he is going to provide you with will be your gate way to success.

Guidelines for

Now you know the basic steps to make money online with But while doing the job and getting reviews always ensure that you go through their guidelines. You would not want to get your account suspended. As you know there will always be scammers. has a strict policy against scammers and it helps genuine professionals to get rid of them. makes sure that the employer – freelancer community is set at high standards and you would not have to worry about persons cheating you here.

Also you have the specific feedback system where you can contact the freelancer.compersonnel and get your complaints to them. With this support system you can work hassle free in the community and earn a happy living online.

Final Verdict on

Following the success the has had with the professionals many sites have now popped up which follows almost the same principles of But as the famous Indian proverb says that " father is always father and son is always the son ". You can ever expect the best out of these sites than what you can expect from

Always remember that making money online is a continuous process and what is needed for that is a reputation and base. There is no substitute to provides you just that it is up to you to make or break your career. If you can really be a professional and complete the work within the specific deadlines and earn handsome money for that, is the perfect site for you.

Now what are you waiting for. It is time for you start earning some handsome bucks. Start your career at now.
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