7 Tips How To Reduce Your Blog / Website Loadtime

Website load time is important to increasing 
your blog traffic.Blog loading time has both 
direct and indirect impacts on search engine.
Its a major role for getting best ranking and 
best earning.Actually most of visitors hope 
to view  your site in    the first 3 seconds.So, 
if your blog doesn't load properly soon,you 
will loose your traffic.That's why important
to keep your blog speed.

Check your blog speed
First of all Check your blog speed.There have many tools for it
Im suggest you to use  Google speed test tool.
Go to Google Speed Test Tool
You can Enter your blog and click analyze. If you can check your score on there.
If you are get below to 90. I think you have to work for it. Follow below tips for 
reduce your blog time loading speed.

Optimize image load time
This is the one of common mistake.We have to use choose low resolution images.For example,
you need a 200x200 pixel images and you are use 500x500 pixel.So,it will take some more 
time to load.Just use exactly size you need. Use Photoshop,you can reduce resolution easily.
If you can compress your image that more better.you can use Yahoo Smushit  for compress
your images.and other thing is, Use a correct image extension for increase site speed.
Don't use high resolution image for blogger background.I'm suggest u to use come CSS color
for background image because, background image take, some more time to load.

Number of post showing on home page
This is also another important thing.newly designed templates are manage it well.
But default blogger templates are not manage it well. so we have to manage it.
I saw some bloggers are using 5-10 post in home page. Its takes lot time to load.
I recommend you to add 5 post in your home page.If you can try read-more function.
that work well.How to add readmore function.

Reduce advertisement
Don't use more advertisement in your home page, you can use, show gadget specific page. 
to add advertisement inside posts.

Avoid unwanted java script sand flashes
You can remove unwanted java script, flashes.
java script also affect to your blog loading speed.

Don't use lot of social sharing buttons
Some people are using lot of social sharing buttons.
Just use some social button gadget to share your post and keep your blog neat.

This is the main thing u have to focus to make your blog page faster.You can apply 
this tips to your blog, you can reduce your blog loading time.
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