Social bookmarking & its advantages

What is social bookmarking?
Every web-master knows the importance of bookmarking, it is very essential for SEO. Actually, social bookmarking is a virtual link diary. When we get any important website or web-link, generally we save it or bookmark it at our browser. We can do same work at the social bookmarking site. It has a great advantage that we can login from anywhere (any PC), and we can share it to friends very easily.
There are 2 types of social bookmarking according to Link-save & sharing:

1) Private Social Bookmarking Site: Saved links of this “Social Bookmarking site” only he can see, who saved it. Generally, Google Bookmarks gives this kind of service.
2) Open Social Bookmarking:  The saved links at this site are open to all. Everybody can see these. So a person can get advantages from others link. “Digg” is the largest site for Open Social Bookmarking.
What are the advantages of social bookmarking?
Now-a-days, social bookmarking sites are not limited only to bookmarking, but added many social-networking services. Without it, social bookmarking has extra gravity to the ‘search engines’. Major Advantages of social bookmarking are listed below:
  • Any link will be saved & shared very easily.
  • Easy to arrange /sort  (by name or type, etc.) of the necessary links very nicely.
  • Service of “DoFollow Backling” is available.
  • Standard figure of visitors visit the links/sites.
  • Easy to exchange message & contact with other members.
  • Easy to create group and join to any group.
  • Easy to bookmarking links from any site by the ‘social sharing button’.
  • Simply to find necessary information from shared links of others.
  • Easy to justify the standards of links. Simple to add topic & comments.
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