eBay gives us a big money making opportunity. There are 1000s of sales happening everyday in eBay and 1000s of sellers are getting regular income from eBay. And still there is a scope for you to start earning- whether you want some part time cash or full time income.
But there will be lots of questions before one starts selling in eBay
  • Where do I source the stocks from?
  • What is the wholesale price of stocks that am about to sell.
  • How to fix the final price of item?
  • How to list it in eBay?
  • How to take clear photos of my stocks?
  • How to write neat title and description?
  • What will be the general price of shipping??
Chill! Its not really that tough to sell in eBay. Lets see complete details that would solve your hows, whats, and whens. It is best to start selling out in eBay with any of the product that you already have. Well, you may have mobile phone that you want to get rid off or you have surplus watches that you want move off in order to have little more space in your shelf.
Start selling those items in eBay! It will give you a feel of profiting from eBay and a nice experience. When you are set, you may be interested to buy and sell goods in eBay. You have to decide what types of stocks you want to sell.
Some research is required to find the stocks you want to sell.
  • What products are you interested in?
  • Are those Items selling well in eBay?
  • Will you able to get those items in real wholesale price?
You can browse high selling products on completed listings(in left pane) in eBay and check the number of items listed and sold on particular category. Next, goto local wholesalers and check if those products are available and at what cost.
Once you find such an item, you would want to list it immediately in eBay. But you need a proper photo in order to start selling. If the item you are about to sell is from general category like mobiles or electronics, you may find a lot of photos in google images. But if it is some unique item category like clothes, shoes, coins, etc., you should take a clear photos of those items. Clear photos will generally have a good image quality and contrasting plain background. If color of your product is dark, have white background.
After taking the photos of product, now start selling. While filling up the selling form, enter precise yet attractive title and item description.
In order to sell quickly and more, Item description should have all the details about a product. Remember! eBay buyers have not seen you and you are just a stranger to the eBay world. So enter each and every details specifically in Item description. Reading it, buyer should get a ‘ok, I got it’ feel.
While setting a price, go back to completed listings and find the prices of items that sold in your category. Don’t go high with one product thats been sold for high price. It may be a silly trick from the eBay seller to inspire other buyer’s to pay more for his products. Just see few more completed sold out items and see all their prices, compare and fix a price that is highly competitive.
Now you need to enter the shipping days, shipping charge and return policies whether you accept return/warranty or not. Take on an average 10 shipping days(even if you ship quickly, shipping companies or external factors may delay) and quote a price that depends on the weight of your product and affordable. If your product has a warranty, mention it. Return policies has to be said clearly whether you accept the return and if yes, mention the maximum number of days to return. List it!
Awesome! Now your product may go live within 24 hours. At times, it may take upto 48hours depending on the selling traffic. But it’ll be only for initial few listings and thereafter you’ll find a immediate listing.
There is one more important factor that you MUST know. Timing!
Timing- you may select a number of days that your product would be listed. It can be 7/10/30 days or ‘Goods Till Cancelled’. But do you know that at the end of your days, your product would end at the same time you listed. Lets assume that you have listed your product at 2.30pm today and selected 7 days online. At the end of 7th day, your product will end exactly at 2.30pm.
eBay will bump up the product that is ending shortly. It means your product would be listed at last while your listing starts, but as time is nearing end, it’ll be displayed in high position. So, make a small research as when lots of users would browse eBay and list accordingly. Time matters!
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