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---Playing Online Games & Earn---$$$$----

If you enjoy playing online games then you could turn your passion into money making. While playing games is enjoyable and fun, most people are not aware that you can make some money by playing online games. Making money online by playing games is far one of the most enjoyable and easy way
since you get paid and at the same time, you are having a good time. This may sound unreal but the reality is that you can truly make some money by playing online games.

If  playing online games is one of your hobbies, then you are in the right place. This post will list 3 website that pay for online gaming.
Exodus3000 was started back in 2006 and is still operating and paying up to now. It is a multiplayer RPG strategy game where you can earn real cash as well as prizes. You don't have to install anything and you can start playing immediately after the registration.  You earn by either attacking, defending, forming alliances or upgrading. 

It is a very funny game to play whose main idea of the game is set roughly 1000 years in the future. The story begins when the earth become uninhabitable due to catastrophic event. The surviving humans fled to mars and each surviving human need to venture on the planet looking for mineral and Mars Dollars. There are many challenges that the mankind faces on the way such as; volcano, mines and many more but  along the way, he get rewards in form of Mars Dollars.These Mars Dollar can be used for purchasing upgrade and buying other things. 

You can request for a cashout once you reach a certain amount of in-game money through their set procedure.

With a big community of more than 2 million people, Secondlife is a place for everyone who enjoy online gaming but unlike other online games, Secondlife games are in three dimensional and are more intense.  They offer three types of accounts with free membership included.  You earn Landen by participating which you can convert to US dollar in the ratio of 250:1. You can decide to either start your own business or work for someone else. 

How to Earn Money on Secondlife
There are different ways that you can use to earn on Secondlife though the total amount of money that you make will be determined by your creativity and how well you understand the game. Earning is fun and sometimes you are paid for doing simple things like making your avatar chat with a  friend or moving it around in a chair. Other interesting ways to earn would be through avatar exotic dancing, been hostess or acting like manager. 

For those members who decide to venture into desgin and construction businesses, you can make some good money especially if you have knowledge in designing like photoshop. You can built and sell anything that you create and it is most likely that you will find someone interested in buying your creativity especially if it is unique and well designed.  For programmers, you can use your skills to design script for your avatar (animation).

Other ways is by becoming a real estate agent where you can buy and sell real properties to other members. Secondlife offer beginners an opportunity to purchase small real plot below market value or buy land from auction or other members and sell it/rent it to other members.

Paid Game Player
This is a website that not only pay you for playing games but also for completing other online offers.  They have a wide variety of games that you can choose to play which ranges from puzzles, action games and word games.

To gain access to the games, you need to register and once you are registered, you can have access 25 different kinds of games that you can use to compete against other members. You will also get access to other games which you are only allowed to play for one hour per day unless you decide to buy the game.  You earn points every time you play a game and these points are eligible for drawings which are held daily, weekly or monthly.

Other way to earn more points is by completing different offers or upgrading your account. When you upgrade your account your can write reviews about different games and earn some points or by simply referring friends. Other benefits of upgrading includes; playing without been interrupted by advertisement and ability to choose your own avatar.

These are three website that I came across that pay their members for playing games. If you enjoy online games, then you can register with all of them and decide which one would be most appropriate for you.

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