14 important topics about Google Adsense

Generally, we all are interested for online income. For this, our first target is Google AdSense. After creating a simple blog or site, we set some Ads and wait for money. So we can’t reach our target, then we take wrong decisions or leave AdSense and receive other websites.
What Google wants? It wants the Content. Content means only good writings or articles; not any image, song, video, etc. You never get visitors from Google in your site if you have no high-class contents. So, you should write content, copy-paste is disallowed. Avoid spelling mistakes & don’t use unnecessary ‘keywords.’
Google AdSense will be ‘Banned’ or income will
be lower for these reasons:
1. You should not create a blog or site only for search-engines, because a search engine will bring visitors to your site. However, search engine will not click your Ads or contents. Only visitors will click when you have excellent, important & pointed contents. So give pleasant posts then submit images if necessary.
2. Don’t create blogs only for money-earning.
3. After targeting High Paying Keyword; you made the blog, but don’t have contents according to it.
4. After thinking it: ‘Online income is very easy’; you made blog and imagined that, the visitors will come with running & start clicking.
5. Personally click Ads one after another brilliantly & encourage others.
6. Don’t use difficult words, virulent designs, unnecessary photos and widgets.
7. Using the AdSense; but not using the AdSense Channel. So don’t understanding how much earned from which Ad.
8. Using AdSense in all kinds of Sites, because you didn’t read Google’s Acts.
9. Placed Ads in a page that has no contents.
10. Trying more than one Active AdSense Accounts.
11. Your CTR, Impression & eCPM already told to others.
12. Placed Ads with Photo, Never do it. Keep a minimum distance.
13. Don’t try to change the Ads-Code unnecessary. If you have to do it, change it by AdSense.
14. Created a blog about such a topic, its Cost Per Click (CPC) is very few. So your income is low.
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