MT5 Forum Rules and Regulation (Forex)

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MT5 Forum Rules and Regulation

1. Registration of several profiles by one user is not allowed. Users having more than one nickname on the forum shall be banned without notice.

2. The Administration reserves the right to decline a request for registration in case the nickname specified in it is similar to that already existing on the forum contains advertisement or contradicts ethical principles

3. Spamming users will be banned without warning.

4. Do not post any information, which is knowingly false, defamatory or violative of any law.

5. Respect other forum members. Do not threat, insult, hassle, harass or abuse anyone within the forum. After third warning you will be banned.

6. Illegal distribution of copyrighted materials is prohibited. If you post an article you must add the link to original recourse too.

7. Do not reply if it is unnecessary. Senseless or inherence messages or posts containing only smiles will be deleted with no warning.

8. Before starting a thread, make sure there are no topics with similar content. Duplicating or multiplying topics/posts is prohibited.

9. Choose the right section to post in. Littering the forum is undesirable.

10. Pay attention that the language of the forum is English. Unreadable messages in other languages will be deleted.

11. Do not misuse of the text markers and “Caps Lock” in post and signatures. Mark only important information.

12. The maximum possible signature is four lines. The maximum number of external links in the signature is 2. The maximum font size is 2.

13. If you use exterior services to uploading pictures (photo hosting), make sure the pictures meet the following parameters: 800x600 px and 200 Kb.

14. Author’s material placed on the forum is the property of the forum. The user who placed such material is not entitled to demand its deletion or editing.

15. Unauthorized advertising beyond the framework of the specially designated section is prohibited.

16. Advertising offers at the forum or in the signature must comply with the content of the forum and the forum rules.

17. The forum Administration reserves a right to request placing a backlink to the main page of MT5 portal at the main page of a site, which is promoted at MT5 forum by its representatives or partners. This condition is not obligatory in case the Administration did not make a request. Each case is considered individually.

18. The forum administration reserves the right to remove and (or) correct topics/posts/signatures without explanation.

19. The forum administration reserves the right to shift topics/posts without providing any reasons in case it considers the initial placing of topics/posts indecent.

20. When responding to another post, kindly do not quote a whole post. Please select only the words that specifically apply to your response.

21. Any personal or visitor messages encouraging voting for a participant in a contest held within the forum are not allowed. For recurring violation of this rule you may be disqualified from a contest or banned from the forum.

22. The Administration preserves the right to deny your registration if your username is similar to a username of a Forum member, contains advertising or does not meet ethical standards.

23. Posting of several short messages in a row within a short period of time is not allowed.

24. Any discussion or encouragement to use expert advisers that take advantage of weak points of brokers’ software (so called ‘arbitrage’) is not allowed.
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